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Simple Divorce

A Simple Divorce is an uncontested action where a couple is solely interested in getting a divorce.  If there are any other marital issues to be addressed, then the action does not qualify as a Simple Divorce.  The other issues that complicate the divorce include child custody and support, visitation, equitable division and alimony.

Though a Simple Divorce is relatively easy to get, it is not advisable to attempt one without legal assistance.  As a legal action, there are jurisdictional and procedural matters that must be complied with and which will make even the Simple Divorce a difficult and time consuming process.

Because the work involved in a Simple Divorce is largely routine and involves guiding paperwork through the Family Court system, a reasonable flat fee rather than an hourly rate is generally charged.  In addition to the flat fee for services, there are also some mandatory and necessary charges such as filing fees and service of process fees that must be paid by the client.





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