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Name Change

A Name Change is generally a simple matter.  For an adult, the Court wants to know that the name change is not being sought for an improper purpose, e.g., to avoid a debt, legal obligation or legal problem.  A bankruptcy in the recent past may also preclude a name change.  South Carolina law does require a State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) criminal background check, fingerprint check and a check to confirm that you are not listed on the Department of Social Services' Central Registry.

The background check is not necessary if the name change is sought in the context of a divorce action.

For a minor child, a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed since a name change is a legal procedure that could affect the minor child's rights; however, the Guardian Ad Litem's investigation is not as extensive as in other legal actions involving children.  Procedurally, a Complaint is filed, interested parties are served and a brief Final Hearing is held


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