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Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  It is a way of resolving legal disputes amicably through the use of an impartial third-party.  The mediator helps the parties reach an agreement both can live with.  A mediator is generally a lawyer, or someone trained in the law, who has received special training and has been certified to act as a mediator. 

A Mediator is guided by the law but does not render a legal decision.  The guiding principle of mediation is to guide the parties toward a mutually satisfactory resolution of their dispute.   

Mediation has proven to be both an effective and cost-effective way to resolve legal disputes.  It is common for Family Courts to require that parties try to mediate their disputes before their case can be set for trial.  After a settlement is reached, it is generally submitted to the court for approval.  At that point, the mediated settlement becomes a binding court order.     




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