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There is no set formula for determining is someone is entitled to alimony. Temporary alimony can be awarded at a Temporary Hearing at the beginning of a Family Court action.  Various forms of alimony can be awarded at a Final Hearing, including Lump Sum, Rehabilitative, Reimbursement or Periodic, which can be permanent or for a fixed period.  Some of the factors the Court will look at in awarding Alimony are the length of the marriage, the requesting party's health, employment potential and contribution to the marriage, the opposing party's ability to pay and various other factors.  Please be aware that in South Carolina, if you commit adultery, you are barred from collecting alimony. Since each person's situation is different, an attorney should be consulted about collecting alimony.  Alimony can be subsequently modified upon a showing of a significant change in circumstances.



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